As callme2work, we are always at the forefront of creating solutions to most of the challenges we face in our day to day lives. Our aim is to ensure seamless and real time connection to any specialist of your need at any time of the day.

Different people are becoming busier these days due to their work schedules while others are more often than not travelling for business. We also have those who cannot go out and seek certain services or handyman services due to their conditions such as home bound seniors and those with health problems. Our major aim of providing such services is to ensure there is a solution in the society as well as helping people live better and hustle free life.

We have developed an exciting product, Callme2work Eassy Shopper. With this, you can request for a shopping Marshall and get your shopping done and delivered to your door step in an hour or two. The shopping ranges from groceries, your favorite cereals, a special gift among many other household goods.


  1. Download callme2work app from google play or Apple store.
  2. Sign up using your personal information.
  3. Request for a specialist on the category Eassy shopper.
  4. Indicate the preferred shopping day i.e. urgently today, tomorrow or next week
  5. Indicate your location
  6. Send the request through the system

You will then receive the contact information about the shopping Marshall within your locality and provide further information on the shopping to be handled including shopping list and preferred store.

The actual shopping is handled as per your specifications and when there is need, our professional Marshall’s offer advice depending on the shopping being handled. We ensure doorstep delivery of your products in their best condition.


  • Time saver – Time is money, so when you are busy handling other tasks, let callme2work help you with your shopping and deliver it to your location in good time. Relieve yourself from stress and focus on other matters that require your attention.
  • Reduce impulse buying – more often people go shopping as a family, as you pick your items from the shelf, the kids normally pick a lot of junk food and add to the trolleys. These are items they can do without and you could actually use that money to buy other items which they actually need.
  • Saves on fuel and parking fees – Why spend extra cash on fuel when we can sort you out? why worry where to park your car when we can actually sort you out? Download callme2work app and request for a shopping Marshall at your convenience.
  • Have extra time to rest and think of other matters – imagine a moment you leave your office at 6 pm, you are tired, traffic is packed up as usual and you still have to pass by the grocery shop. It can be quite hectic. Request for a shopping Marshall and pick your groceries right at the gate as you get home without stress.


Our shopping Marshall’s are experts with highest level of customized  service to individual shoppers by giving personalized attention.

Payment for the shopping is done through our mobile app.

Download callme2work today and get a shopping Marshall at the convenience of your home or office.

You can also peruse our website at for more information on the services we offer.

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