Our Story

Our story.

We connect you with local service providers in your area, for the task you need done.

We believe there are a lot of skilled people around us who are good at what they do, but have limited access to jobs. Our work is to find them, verify them, train them and present them with candid jobs that fit their skills.

When we started this journey, our objective was to cover all the corners of Africa, starting in Kenya. With the vision to expose skills that would otherwise go to waste and ensure the individual is paid for the job they are trained to do.

If you download our App, and request for services, you not only get the best in the market, but you also bring hope to talented specialists who have been in the dark for quite a long time. This hope is what we need to change the climate of unemployment in Africa – from a continent of brokers to a continent of skilled specialists.

If you are a specialist, for instance a carpenter or electrician, and you can prove through referrals that you can do your job and that you stand out from others, then CallMe2Work is a platform to showcase that. This is your chance to show Kenya what you are made of.