Your birthday should no longer be full of “wishes” anymore. Infact you should not remember the last time you closed your eyes to really “wish” for anything. Rather, your birthdays should represent continual gratitude fest, filled with thoughts of all the ways you have been blessed by people, experiences, and limitless grace.

In honor of another birthday, here are some reasons for you to be happy. I would have shared very many reasons, but I know you don’t have all day.

You finally know who you are at your best.
You may not always live to the hype, but for you, recognizing your version of great brings clarity to your journey.

You are surrounded by love.
Your husband, your children, your family, your friends, your colleagues – you are surrounded by deep, abiding love.. the kind you don’t have to make excuses for.

Never run out of ideas
You may sometimes run out of answers, but never ideas. When you get stuck, just ask a new question.
Creativity is truly abundant.

Doors will open
You have been on this faith walk long enough to know that if you keep your eyes, ears, and heart open, the universe will provide. New opportunities will present themselves, and the path will emerge.

You found your courage
Your life is the culmination of countless leaps of faith. Just step out now… no more behind the curtains
Life is a learning journey
You may have made mistakes in your past, but you should know and understand that you are not your mistakes. You are pure possibility, and every day is new.

You are free
Free to be happy or sad. Free to sit or stand.. or fly. Free to be where you are needed, even if you are the one in need. Freedom is a gift.

You are healthy
Yes you are healthy

What’s before you is greater than what’s behind you
Your past might be pretty amazing.
But you should be ready for what the future holds and, at the same time, exceedingly grateful for the NOW. The now includes you. There are gifts available to everyone. All you have to do is open your arms to receive them, and step out and up with intention.

Here’s to another year of adventures. Here’s to more breakthroughs, here’s to more friends, here’s to more smiles, happiness. Here’s to your best friend, CallMe2Work, to bring you the best birthday gift of your life

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