Majority of households will have a water- related emergency at some point. Whether it’s a blocked drain, a tap that won’t switch off or a leak under the sink, it’s often the case that professional assistance is required.
Regular, professional drain cleaning services should be part of the home maintenance routine due to the following reasons:

1. Reduce sewer blockages
Over time, blockages can build up in drains and pipes that haven’t been cleaned regularly. Although some small blockages may be fixed easily on your own, a more serious blockage could be developing inside of your drain pipes that could cause serious sewer problems. When that occurs, most if not all of the drains in your home may clog, water may spurt out of your drains when you flush the toilet, and eventually, an overflow or burst pipes can cause significant damage to your home.

2. Prevent foul odors
Without the periodic service of a professional plumber, mold and bacteria will accumulate in your drains and cause odors. The flow of water through the drains and pipes from normal usage is not sufficient to clean away the odor causing particles, which thrive in the damp, dark environment of your drains and pipes. These bacteria and mold can even make your family sick if they grow in large enough numbers. Regular drain cleaning will remove them completely, preventing odors and the potential for illness.

3. Fixing slow drains
Watching water sitting on the floor because your drains are slow can be very frustrating. Slow drains can indicate pipe blockage or issues with drainage in the main sewer line. Slow drains can promote mold growth, as well as the spread of odor through your home. A professional plumbing inspection and cleaning can help to clear drains and speed up the drainage in your home for a cleaner and fresher environment.

4. A clean and pleasant home environment

Poor drainage, clogged pipes, and sewage back flows can all detract from your home environment. Slow drains and dripping faucets can cause mold growth, sewage back flows promote the spread of bacteria and germs, while clogged drains can prevent your toilet flushing. If drain blockages and pipe problems are reducing your home’s cleanliness and your quality of life, call your plumber as soon as possible for drain cleaning and get your home back to normal.

5. Save your time and money

When drains and pipes aren’t cleaned, small blockages turn into large ones, pipes can become corroded, and backflow can occur from your toilet. The water that will spill into your home if this occurs is waste water which not only causes water damage, but also allows dangerous bacteria to seep into your walls and flooring. To repair this kind of damage, all the affected areas must typically be removed, which can be extremely costly and time consuming.

Drainage problems and pipe blockages can cause a range of issues in your home, but many can be easily identified and fixed by a qualified plumber. If you’re experiencing issues with your drainage, download CallMe2Work and get qualified, vetted and experienced plumber to identify and clear your drainage issues, and get your drainage flowing smoothly again.

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