Many offices nowadays opt for partitions in place of permanent walls, with increased options of floor-to-ceiling glass to opaque desk dividers meaning every workplace can find the right partitions to suit employees.

Below are some of the things to consider before deciding on which partition is most suitable for your work space:

Demount-able partitioning is effective in office areas and has the benefit of being easy to dismantle and re-erect if you need some flexibility making it the easiest to move around regularly. Sliding or folding doors partitions are great if you need to close or open up areas for different purposes.

Wood partitioning produces a practical but very pleasing office environment, as it creates a natural look and feel making them ideal for conference facilities, executive suites and boardrooms.

Glass partitions are an excellent choice if you want to make sure each office space has the maximum amount of light.

Types of partitions
1. Glass partition
Glass partitions aim to provide privacy and discretion without causing employees to feel cut off or excluded. These partitions are quick to install and are customizable, so you can add your corporate colors or logo to make your office unique.

2. Solid partitions
This offers maximum discretion and privacy. If your office requires spaces for high levels of focus, these partitions will fit the bill. These too are customizable and very fast to install to minimize interruption and distraction.

3. Acoustic partitions
This comes in a variety of designs including double glazed, single glazed and solid office partitions. Double glazed acoustic doors will provide better office soundproofing, while a solid partition will generally be more soundproof than a glass office partition.

4. Demountable partitions
Many workplace office partitions are demountable and locatable, meaning that they have ultra-fast removal and installation times. This ensures maximum flexibility for your business as they are easily interchangeable and can therefore help your business achieve the vision it has for its office more effectively.

The following are some of the advantages of office partitioning:
Natural light
Glass partitions are effective in maximizing the impact of natural light. The clear glass in place of walls also creates a bigger impression of open space, providing a more positive, welcoming environment to work.

The range of styles and materials of office partitions available can contribute towards a modern, colorful environment. Solid partition walls can even be designed in keeping with your company’s color scheme. Likewise, opting for glass or part-glazed partitions instead of additional walls creates more space and light, features that are generally agreed to make for a more positive and appealing work space.

Cost effective and practical
Office partitions, are a far more cost effective method of dividing the office than having a full, permanent walls instead. Likewise, partitions mean you can save on energy costs, as less rooms need to remain heated with lighting.

This reduces noise levels crossing the office , allowing staff to focus on their own work without distraction, and to take phone calls/hold meetings in a professional manner without excessive background noise.
The partitions create an element of personal space for each employee, clearly sectioning their work are. This can be useful for employees to feel secure in their work environment, and to be able to focus on their projects.

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